Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the common questions we receive about our service.

How does your service work?
Easy Help Center acts as a clearing house service to help you quickly obtain customer support. Our clients will often use our service as a central point to receive service for a variety of products, typically those with monthly billing memberships. By submitting your support or cancellation request via our service, you recieve a time and date verifiable confirmation of your action in the case of any billing disputes.

When I cancel my account through you, am I done?
Yes! Because we have already verified the account you are seeking to remove, your cancellation is completed in one easy step. No further billing can take place on your account once you have submitted your request. You receive a confirmation page you can print in the case of any biling error.

How do I know my information is secure?
At no time during the support process do we reveal any private information about your account and it is never revealed to a third party. At Easy Help Center, we simply provide a simple way for you to request support or cancel your membership to avoid the hassle of waiting on the phone or speaking to a service representative. Typically this is all most of our clients' customers need anyway, so it makes getting support, well, easy!

Can I request further confirmation of a cancellation?
Yes! When you cancel your account through Easy Help Center, though you have a page you can print as proof of cancellation, you may also request an email confirmation be sent. You also have the option of requesting a customer service representative from the product company contact you for further confirmation.

Do I need to call the company also to cancel?
No. Once you have completed a cancellation request on Easy Help Center, it is as good as done with the original product company. We store the date and time of your request, and the product companies that work with us have agreed to honor that verified date/time in any billing dispute.

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Please note that you information used in the support process is kept absolutely secure. We never share this information with third parties - it is used only to provide membership and product support for existing accounts.